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California Rocks

California Rocks is the program we put together to offer readily available non-stock natural stone tiles and mosaics that coordinate with our line. This includes popular stones such as Bianco Carrara and Calacatta Gold in different sizes as well as unique formats and exotic stones that can't be found elsewhere.

Custom finish and cut-to-size products are also available via Cali Rocks. Wanting to make this program as accessible as possible, each project is bid individually and most often has a low 100sf minimum and short 1-2 week lead time to fabricate a completely custom size.

Cali Rocks projects typically start with a stock check and lot photos. If approved, we have two trucks per week giving our customers in the Pacific Northwest access to just about anything and everything available in natural stone.

Presented by Molly Murphy, Oregon Territory Manager, and Zee Coleman, Z Collection Founder and CEO.

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