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Meet the Z Team - Lisa

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Meet the Z Team: Showroom Edition!

Lisa Rattan joined our team in February as our new showroom manager and she is a powerhouse! In her words:

“I like camping and travel and mountains and tacos and wine. And coffee!” Lisa has done all the things in tile (making, installing, selling) and has the deepest love for natural stone. “I just took a break from the biz for five years and lived in Alaska, working at a backcountry lodge. The best part was xc skiing right out my door, appreciating life without the hum of electronic white noise, and also the sled dogs. The worst part was readjusting to being in the city again where it all is fast and loud and dirty.”

Lisa is virtually assisting customers with their projects. Tap into her expertise and get ready to hear the best laugh in the business!

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