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Meet the Z Team - Molly

Meet Team Z: Molly Murphy edition!

I am celebrating my one year anniversary with Team Z today! I feel lucky to be part of an amazing group of caring collaborators who practice gratitude often! I feel empowered, challenged and driven to keep growing something so special!

About me: I’ve been in tile since 2001 when I started in the sample dept and I’ve been an outside rep for 17 years. I love travel! Highlights for me include: Oregon coast ladies weekends, road trips to my friend’s cottage in Imnaha, taking ferries to my favorite place on Earth (San Juan Island) and international adventures like cooking classes in Bali and kayaking w/grey whales in Baja. I love my family and friends more than anything. All of my nieces and nephews are growing so fast. I’m proud to be called Auntie Momo. My pup Deaglan (pronounced : Decklin) is my sweet 8 year-old boxador tiger boy who keeps me walking and laughing.

In my free time I’m usually studying design trends, illustrating whales, or pulling the never-ending weeds from my yard in North Portland. Life for me is all about family, friends, creating art, nature, travel, great food and belly laughs. I strive for as many of those as I can! Happy to be here!


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