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Virtual Product Launch

In this short 20 minute product launch, we welcome the change of season with three new additions to our porcelain and ceramic collection.

Figures by Natucer is a white glazed porcelain line with a subtle texture and sheen. Hence the name, the design feature of this line are the various shapes that make up the series; they can be used singly or in combination for a more varied effect. The 6x6 square is available as a flat field as well as in a "doble" version that has a smooth raised frame and a more textured interior. The 7" Triangle is similarly available in a flat field and doble framed option. Rounding out the formats are a 2x10 plank and a 2x8 picket. The picket can be used on its own or can be combined with the 6x6 square to create an octagon pattern. This line is an extruded porcelain which gives it a distinctly handmade feel. As with a handmade tile, Figures tiles can vary in dimension and should be installed with a minimum 1/8" grout joint and with careful attention to the layout and spacing.

Platform by Gazzini is a metallic look porcelain that has the appearance of aged metal that has oxidized over time as it was exposed to the elements. There are four colors in the Platform palette: Powder, a light silvery grey; Bronze, a warm charcoal black; Sage, a medium grey with very subtle sage; and Blu, a deep brownish blue. Each color is varied in tones and finish and with 64 inkjet faces on the 12x24, 348 on the 4x12, and 1152 on the 2x8, quite a bit of variation can be expected. Platform is rated an R10 finish, rendering it suitable for all interior and covered exterior applications.

Macassar by Pamesa is a white body wall tile with a structured surface and glossy semi-translucent white glaze. It's available in a large format 12x36 field tile and a piano mosaic on 12x12 mesh. The piano mosaic has stacked grout joints and can be cut into three 4" strips to be used as a liner.

Presented by Zee Coleman, Founder and CEO of Z Collection and Molly Murphy, Territory Manager for Oregon and Eastern Washington.

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