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3D Carve

Inspired by the textures created in handworked stone, 3D Carve presents three innovative patterns in a large format ceramic wall tile. Light and shadow interplay with the softness of the glazes to create a sophisticated visual impact.


Ivory ZAC3DIY/1632_

Pearl ZAC3DPL/1632_

White ZAC3DWE/1632_


Chisel ZAC3D__/1632CL

Leaf ZAC3D__/1632LF

Squares ZAC3D__/1632SQ




16 x 32 Rectified Field ZAC3D__/1632_

1/2 x 16 Miter Bullnose ZAC3D__/MBN


Glazed White Body Ceramic


8.5mm (~11/32")


V1 Uniform Appearance


The 16 x 32 field tile is sold in full carton quantity only. The miter bullnose does not have the actual texture of the tile; it color coordinates to create a finished edge.


In stock in Portland and Seattle

Colors + Textures

16x32 Ivory Chisel.tif.jpeg

Ivory Chisel

16x32 Ivory Leaf.tif.jpeg

Ivory Leaf

16x32 Ivory Squares.tif.jpeg

Ivory Squares

16x32 Pearl Chisel.tif.jpeg

Pearl Chisel

16x32 Pearl Leaf.tif.jpeg

Pearl Leaf

16x32 Pearl Squares.tif.jpeg

Pearl Squares

16x32 White Chisel.tif.jpeg

White Chisel

16x32 White Leaf.tif.jpeg

White Leaf

16x32 White Squares.tif.jpeg

White Squares

Free sample swatches are available to Oregon and Washington customers. Sample requests may be set up for will call, dealer pick up, or shipped directly via USPS at no charge to the customer.

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