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Drawing inspiration from the pressed form of brick, Homey presents a structured wall tile in three vibrant glossy colors, three subtle matte colors, and white in both glossy and matte.

Glossy Colors:

Blue Glossy ZPEHYBE/1224G

Green Glossy ZPEHYGN/1224G

Mustard Glossy ZPEHYMD/1224G

White Glossy ZPEHYWE/1224G

Matte Colors:

Clay Matte ZPEHYCY/1224M

Grey Matte ZPEHYGY/1224M

Powder Matte ZPEHYPR/1224M

White Matte ZPEHYWE/1224M​


12 x 24 Stripes Field ZPEHY__/1224_


Glazed Porcelain


9.5mm (~3/8")


V2 Slight Variation


The 12 x 24 field tile is sold in full carton quantity only.


In stock in Portland and Seattle.

Glossy Colors

Homey 12x24 Blue Glossy.tif

Blue Glossy

Homey 12x24 Green Glossy.tif

Green Glossy

Homey 12x24 Mustard Glossy.tif

Mustard Glossy

Homey 12x24 White Glossy.tif

White Glossy

Matte Colors

Homey 12x24 Clay Matte.jpg

Clay Matte

Homey 12x24 Grey Matte.jpg

Grey Matte

Homey 12x24 Powder Matte.jpg

Powder Matte

Homey 12x24 White Matte.tif

White Matte

Free sample swatches are available to Oregon and Washington customers. Sample requests may be set up for will call, dealer pick up, or shipped directly via USPS at no charge to the customer.

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