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This line has been discontinued. 
We think you might like Gen Z or 3D Carve instead.


Gen Z

3D Carve Squares White 1.tif.jpeg

3D Carve

Figures 7" Triangle, 7" Triangle Doble, + 2 x 10
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Figures 7" Triangle Doble and 6 x 6 Field
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Figures 6 x 6 Doble and Field
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7" Triangle Field
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7" Triangle Doble
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6 x 6 Field
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6 x 6 Doble
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2 x 10 Field
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Figures by Natucer

Figures is a handcrafted looking collection built on geometric shapes. The all white field tiles have a textured surface and soft, satiny sheen. The 7" Triangle and 6 x 6 Square formats are also available in a "Doble" version that has a raised frame around the edge with a more subtle texture.




2 x 10 Non-rectified Field NRFSWE/210

2 x 8 Non-rectified Picket NRFSWE/28P

6 x 6 Non-rectified Field NRFSWE/66

6 x 6 Non-rectified Doble NRFSWE/66D

7" Non-rectified Triangle Field NRFSWE/7T

7" Non-rectified Triangle Doble NRFSWE/7TD

1/2 x 12 Surface Bullnose NRFSWE/112SBN


Figures White.png


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