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This line has been discontinued. 
We think you might like Candy, Fragments, or Zellij Bars instead.

Candy Blue copy 2.jpg


Fragments Fern 1.jpg


ZDAZBGE Zellij Bar 2x6 Graphite.jpg

Zellij Bars

2x10 Bianco_edited.jpg

Bianco 2x10 Wall Tile

2x10 Grigio_edited.jpg

Grigio 2x10 Wall Tile

2x10 Petrolio_edited.png

Petrolio 2x10 Wall Tile

2x10 Nero_edited.jpg

Nero 2x10 Wall Tile

2x10 Salvia.jpeg

Salvia 2x10 Wall Tile

2x10 Azzuro_edited.jpg

Azure 2x10 Wall Tile

ESTL 2x10 Nero Room
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Tropical 2x10 Nero Herringbone
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ESTL Nero Room
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ESTL Bianco Room
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ESTL Nero Hex Room
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ESTL Hex Blend Room
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ESTL Petrolio Room
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ESTL Azzuro Hex Room
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ESTL Azzuro room
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Tropical by Elios

Tropical is available in 2x10 wall tiles and 9"hexagon floor tiles. The 2 x 10 Porcelain Wall is glossy; its surface has gentle undulations, soft shade variation and movement, and deliberate irregularities like uneven glazing along the edges which give it a hand-crafted appearance. The 8-1/2” Hexagon offers another aesthetic from the ceramic tradition. It has a matte finish with a slightly uneven surface and some graphic movement. The two options can be used together as a coordinated wall and floor combo, or they can be used on their own, or even paired with many other products.

Colors / Finishes:

ESTLAO  Azzuro

ESTLBO  Bianco



ESTLPO Petrolio


Porcelain 2X10 Wall Tile - Non-Rectified 

ESTL--G/2102 x 10 Glossy (9.5 mm) Mosaic 

ESTL--G/BK1 x 2 Brick Mosaic Glossy 

Wall Coordinating Trim 

ESTL--G/SBN1/2 x 12 Surface Bullnose Glossy 

Porcelain 9" Hex - Non-Rectified 

ESTL--M/9HX8-1/2” Hex (10 mm)


9 hex_Bianco.jpeg

Bianco 9"Hex Floor Tile

9 hex_Grigio.jpeg

Grigio 9"Hex Floor Tile

9 hex_Nero.jpeg

Nero 9"Hex Floor Tile

9 hex_Salvia.jpeg

Salvia 9"Hex Floor Tile

9 hex_Petrolio.jpeg

Petrolio 9"Hex Floor Tile

9 Hex_Azzuro.jpeg

Azzuro 9"Hex Floor Tile

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