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Meet the Z Team - Murat

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Meet Team Z goes international to 🇹🇷 Turkey!

Meet Murat Atilgan, Z Collection's secret weapon! He is a ceramic artist, an industrial designer, and a jack of all trades. Similar to a Swiss army knife, Murat can design and build pretty much anything with any material available.

You can recognize Murat's work from our best-selling stone line Generation Z. Murat's the creator of our Trapezoid mosaic and Elonga pattern. His studio is located in Cappadocia, one of the most magical and inspiring cities in Turkey. Murat is currently working on creating new mosaic patterns and developing our own handmade Zellige line.

Murat is the father of two amazing daughters and loves organic farming as a hobby. He’s a pretty great brother to Zee too! So glad to have him on our team!

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