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Virtual Product Launch 2

We introduce three new porcelain lines to our collection: Tex, a contemporary look that combines the aesthetics of concrete and natural fabrics; Alabastro, a creamy alabaster stone look in polished and natural finishes; and Tradition, the perfect replica of classic Turkish Ivory honed and filled travertine.

Zee announces 'Let's get stoned,' our promotional stone mosaic price program. Significant price reductions are available on some of our top natural stone mosaics from now until October 31st of this year.

Lastly, Molly, shows off the hard work she's been putting into dealer displays over the last couple months. An entire second wing rack of custom boards has been created to better showcase the material with full size pieces, larger and more inclusive swatches of additional finishes, and a better representation of the coordinating mosaic package for each line.

Presented by Zee Coleman, Founder and CEO of Z Collection, and Molly Murphy, Oregon and Eastern Washington Territory Manager.

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